Astra Life Gives Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

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Jakarta. Mercer’s 2024 Global Talent Trends report gave a snapshot of what employees expect from their company on sustainability. About 48 percent of employees answered “minimum health and well-being benefits to all workers”, but only 29 percent of companies in Asia have done so. About 42 percent responded with sustainable investing options in retirement plans. Then again, only 32 percent of companies in Asia focus on employee retirement plans.

Rina Noviantis, Group Business and DPLK Group Head of Astra Life, said the report showed that providing health insurance and pension funds was crucial to make workers more productive.

“Giving health insurance facilities and pension funds helps add value, so employees become more loyal. However, we need to make sure that those facilities do not disrupt the business cash flow,” Rina said.

For that reason, Astra Life is giving some tips on how to encourage employee productivity:

1. Complete private health insurance protection for employees

Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can add private health insurance in addition to that of the government. So their workers do not need to ask for a referral from a primary health facility first and also do not need to wait in line for daily quotas which is a requirement of the government’s health insurance program. 

Astra Life provides AVA Group Medical Protection products which can make it easy for SMEs to provide employee benefits for their employees at affordable premium prices and with a minimum number of participants ranging from just three people to 100. This product provides Basic Insurance Benefits in the form of reimbursement of medical costs for inpatient & Surgical Benefits and Selected Insurance Benefits in the form of Outpatient Benefits, Maternity Benefits, and Dental Care Benefits.

Businesses only need to prepare funds to purchase affordable premiums starting from Rp 10 million per year per policy. There are 2 claim benefit options, namely Inner Limit and As Charged (according to the hospital bill). Customers can also take advantage of cashless and reimbursement features when paying claims at health facilities. Not only that, employees’ families can also participate.

Information about AVA Group Medical Protection can be easily accessed on Astra Life’s e-commerce channel. On this page, you can also try the simulation feature to get an idea of the choice of protection packages and the premium prices offered or you can arrange your own desired protection package based on the choice of product benefits and the protection value required and presented transparently.

2. Provide compensation for pension fund benefits

Preparing retirement funds is no less important so that it becomes an attraction for employees so they can enjoy their retirement safely. At Astra Life, managing these pension funds can be done through the Astra Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK), which is the right solution for business people to meet the needs of employee pension fund programs.

DPLK Astra provides several investment strategies by determining the percentage of funds that will be placed in the money market and capital market, making it easier for company employees to choose the type of investment. DPLK Astra also collaborates with investment advisors who have an international reputation. In addition, income obtained from investment returns is generally tax-free.

3. Provide appropriate overtime pay

Every employee has the right to receive overtime pay, as stated in the Job Creation Law. Overtime pay can help boost employee’s productivity and welfare.

4. Organize activities that encourage physical health

Aside from honing the employees’ skills, it is important to make sure that the employees are healthy. One thing that businesses can do is by arranging regular health checks. Businesses can also hold fun sports activities for their employees such as “fun run”, zumba, pound fit, mini soccer, badminton, and so on. 

5. Provide financial literacy for employees

MSMEs also need to teach their employees financial literacy so they can make better financial decisions in the future. It is also best to teach people about retirement plans as early as possible so they can live comfortably once they retire. Some people who are busy usually consult with a financial planner, but it would be better for the company to provide a space for discussions on finances.

“Hopefully, our tips can help MSMEs boost their employees’ productivity, thus supercharging their business operations,” Rina said.

Information on AVA Group Medical Protection and DPLK is available on Businesses can also contact the 24/7 Hello Astra Life Contact Center at 1 500 282. Other contacts include WhatsApp number 08952-1500282 and e-mail service [email protected] which is available from Monday-Friday, starting at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.




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